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Gentle Chiropractic using Logan Basic Technique!

Welcome to my website. As you can see from the picture below, Chiropractic care has been around for a long time! For me, it came late in life, when my son, then, a Cheerleader at EMU, suggested I see his chiropractor. Knowing that I was “way to young to feel this old”, our son believed chiropractic care might help me feel better and his doctor of chiropractic affirmed this to me on my first visit!

At that moment in time, I had just buried both of my 90 year old parents and my forty-four year old cousin within three months. With my five siblings, we had also settled their estate. I was recovering from an ankle broken in two places and we had begun to gather my life back together as our own five children were now “out of the nest” and off on their own!!!

It worked and my life has been changed forever, as I went where it took me trusting that there was a purpose in all this, yet to be discovered. It became a journey that has been humbly documented in my four books - My healing Journey Trilogy plus one!

It is a journey that lead me to become a chiropractor at age 61 and to trust that this calling was far bigger than anything I might have been able to create for myself. I am now the Grosse Ile Family Chiropractor going into my sixth year out of school and practicing in a town where my husband and I have lived for 34 years raising our now grown five children.

Surf my site and please feel free to stop by my office across from the post office on Macomb Street. I look forward to it. Thank you for visiting my site. Please feel free to download and share any of the learning materials posted that have assisted me along my path and again, welcome to Grosse Ile Family Chiropractic! 


                            Fifth Century tablet of Aesculapius manipulating upper thoracic spine. From

                            How Ancient Healing Governs Modern Therapeutics, K. Ligeros, M.D., Ph.D.

                                                            Published by G.P. Putman's Sons, 1937


Dr. Bertie Synowiec